Semi-square Cutting Board


Our semi-square cutting board production is an elaborate process with multiple quality assurance steps to guarantee you receive a top-quality product. 

Handmade In-House –Every one of the Semi-square Cutting Board is handmade in our shop. We take pride in producing quality, unique, beautiful cutting boards that will be a part of your kitchen for years to come.  Semi-square Cutting Board is made of Northern Hard Rock Maple, American Cherry, or American Black Walnut wood species. 

Dimensions- Semi-square Cutting Board is approximately 10-3/4 wide by 12-1/4 tall (please allow slight variation in size by 1/8" since these are made by hand)

Design the board as you like! If you have any questions, please feel free to call or text at (570) 815-4324 or email us at 

We would love to help get your idea onto the Semi-square Cutting Board!

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